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Loving and Respecting the Elderly People in Our Lives

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It used to be that the elders were the most revered members of any community, tribe or family.Elderly woman looking at camera

The elderly in our lives were held in high esteem and they were often sought out for advice about love, marriage, home remedies for illnesses and life itself.ElderlyAsian woman watching her grandson riding his bike

As important members of our families, old folk were not only a source of advice and guidance, but they also helped raise our children.

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Raise up Intercessors O Lord….

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We need more intercessors O Lord…..
Raise up Intercessors Lord…who will stand in the gap…
Break our heart for what breaks Yours O Lord….

Just One – Shillong Chamber Choir

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As Meghalaya goes to polls on Wednesday, here’s a song by Shillong Chamber Choir, titled “Just one”, asking the voters of their state and other parts of India to come out and vote in this elections.
Just One – Shillong Chamber Choir

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Hi …
 How often young girls, women go through physical, emotional and verbal abuse and have no place to turn to.

Like physical abuse,  emotional and verbal abuse too is hard to heal and forget. How often people you totally trust, hurt your emotions and betray your trust and make you feel used and abused? And to add to it they rejoice at your suffering instead of  lending a helping hand.  

How often you find yourself share your feelings in trust to a friend and that friend betrays your trust?

How often you feel used and abused in a relationship? One day they’ll praise you, say you are the best and appreciate you and when they find someone else they can communicate with, they just walk away without a word and even if you should see them, stop by to smile and say “Hello”, they just turn away and pretend they didn’t see or know you.
Why is it so…often the abuser gets away and the abused is traumatized and victimized for life?
You know it’s natural you get angry   frustrated to see an abused as the accused and abusers walk free but fear not you have a God who understands every pain, emotional and physical for He went through it all on the cross. He endured not just the ultimate physical pain, but the pain of rejection, which rend His heart, that He cried out, “Father, Father, why have you forsaken me.” So today you need to turn to Him and He’ll understand you like no other. Loved ones and people you trust may hurt you, walk away, breach your trust, talk behind your back and leave you feeling emotionally hurt.
But remember Jesus Christ your Lord loves you and knows all you go through and He will never ever turn His back on you. Will you cry out to Him, He’s waiting with open arms to hold you and heal you.
Let’s do all we can to stop all kids of abuse and be sensitive to the feeling of the abused.
Be blessed,

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~FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT~ Author Unknown

Galatians 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.

~Fruit of the Spirit~
It’s quiet. It’s early. 
My coffee is hot.
The sky is still black. The world is still 
asleep. The day is coming. In a few 
moments the day will arrive. It will roar down the track with the rising of the sun. The stillness of the dawn will be exchanged for the noise of the day. The calm of solitude will be replaced by the pounding pace of the human race.
The refuge of the early morning will be 
invaded by decisions to be made and deadlines to be met.
For the next twelve hours I will be exposed to the day’s demands. It is now that I must make a choice. Because of Calvary, 
I’m free to choose.
And so I choose.
I choose love … 
No occasion justifies hatred; 
No injustice warrants bitterness.
I choose love.
Today I will love God and what God loves.
I choose joy … 
I will invite my God to be the God of circumstance.
I will refuse the temptation to be cynical… 
the tool of the lazy thinker.
I will refuse to see people as anything less than human beings, created by God.
I will refuse to see any problems anything less than an opportunity to see God.
I choose peace … 
I will live forgiven.
I will forgive so that I may live.
I choose patience … 
I will overlook the inconveniences of the world.
Instead of cursing the one who takes my place, I’ll invite him to do so.
Rather than complain that the wait is too long, I will thank God for a moment to pray.
Instead of clenching my fist at new assignments, I will face them with joy and courage.
I choose kindness … 
I will be kind to the poor, for they are alone.
Kind to the rich, for they are afraid.
And kind to the unkind, for such is how God has treated me.
I choose goodness .. 
I will go without before I take dishonest gain.
I will be overlooked before I will boast.
I will confess before I will accuse,
I choose goodness.
I choose faithfulness … 
Today I will keep my promises.
My debtors will not regret their trust.
My associates will not question my word.
My wife will not question my love.
And my children will never fear that father will not come home.
I choose gentleness … 
Nothing is won by force.
I choose to be gentle.
If I raise my voice may it be only in praise.
If I clench my fist, may it be only in prayer.
If I make a demand, may it be only of myself.
I choose self-control … 
I am a spiritual being.
After this body is dead, my spirit will soar.
I refuse to let what will rot, rule the eternal.
I choose self-control.I will be drunk only by joy.
I will be impassioned only by my faith.
I will be influenced only by God.
I will be taught only by Christ.
I choose self-control.
Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.To these I commit my day.
If I succeed, I will give thanks.
If I fail, I will seek His grace.
And then, when this day is done, 
I will place my head on my pillow and rest.