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•*¨*•☆☆FOOTSTEPS IN THE DARK☆☆•*¨*•¸

Micah 7:8 “….when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me.”

•*¨*•☆☆FOOTSTEPS IN THE DARK☆☆•*¨*•¸
~Unknown ~
I do not hear your footsteps
as you approach me sitting in silence
my eyes glazed, staring out the window
at the early morning newness.

I do not hear your footsteps
as a tear runs down my face
overwhelmed with oceans of emotion
as I whisper a prayer to you.

I do not hear your footsteps
as I lift my words to you
hoping with my heart and soul
that you will hear my desperate words.

I do not hear your footsteps
as I feel a comfort sweep through me
like a warm breeze in the spring
or a blanket wrapped around me in winter.

I do not hear your footsteps
as I begin to feel a strength
from deep within it grows
and I know I am not alone.

I do not hear your footsteps
but I feel your presence there
now knowing I’m not alone
I can feel your loving rush through me.

I do not hear your footsteps as I end my silent prayer
but, as I stand to face whatever the day will bring
I know that your footsteps will never walk the other way…
I had to write this after sitting at the kitchen table this morning. It was quiet. The hour was early and the world was still sleeping. I looked out the window and felt the need to pray. As I did, my eyes misted with tears and although frightened, I knew that I was not alone. I wrote this small poem/prayer to convey the feelings I had, but know that the words do not do it justice. I don’t know if any ever will. It’s my hope that when you are in need, you “hear” the silent footsteps of God, coming to your side and comforting you like a child. For that’s what we all are, to me.
No matter what your age, we are children of God who will never be abandoned by our Father — no matter what !
” Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to an all-knowing God.”
( Corrie ten Boom)




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(A poem…)
When Jesus looks upon my life,
What picture does He see.
Does He see His own reflection,
Or does He just see me.
Does He see His likeness,
The product of His hand.
Or just another Christian,
Who never took a stand.
Does He see a child of God,
A child that He set free.
Living life to honor Him,
Or does He just see me.
What about the other folks,
I meet along the way.
Do I show them Jesus,
To brighten up their day.
When someone looks into my eyes,
Can they truly see.
That calm and gentle peace of God,
That dwells inside of me.
When I reach out and shake a hand,
Is He right there in my grip.
Can they feel that strength from God,
That steadies when I slip.
When folks are in my presence,
Do they know His Spirit’s there.
Can they see that He’s the One,
Who guides me everywhere.
When other people think of me,
What is on their mind.
Do they think of Jesus Christ,
So gentle and so kind.
I try to be like Jesus,
Every single day.
Spreading love and kindness,
All along my way.
I’m afraid that I have failed,
I could not pass the test.
Deep inside my heart I know,
I haven’t done my best.
I have had to fight my flesh,
Since the day that I was born.
It’s always causing trouble,
And being such a thorn.
That’s why His Spirit dwells in me,
He’s helping me to learn.
In every situation,
Where I need to turn.
He knew I’d never pass the test,
That’s why He took my place.
He gave His life to save my soul,
He suffered my disgrace.
Now I try to be like Him,
I must present Him well.
So other folks will want His gift,
And turn their backs on hell.
Other folks should see the joy,
That Christ has given me.
They should want to have it too,
Especially since it’s free.
They should begin to ask me,
What is it they must do.
Just how it is they go about,
Getting Jesus, too.
Then I get to tell them,
This wondrous gift is free.
It only takes a humble heart,
A prayer on bended knee.
Someday when I’m face to face,
With the Lord who set me free.
Will He see His own reflection,
Or will He just see me…


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Sounds of Summer~Author unknown

Summer is a wonderful time of the year
It makes people ecstatic and brimming with cheer
When we rise in the morning with the sun shining so bright

We listen to the birdies melodies with so much delight
The trees are so attractive amid their leaves so green

While the grass obtained its color from its long winter dream
The flowers are multicolored of red, white, yellow, pink green and blue 


That radiates in various aromas for me or for you
The squirrels are in a frenzy rousting about
While listening to the children as they frolic and shout 

There’s swimming and hunting and fishing galore
While the beachcombers are at leisure on the dry sunny shore 

The fish are forming schools in the deep blue sea
Avoiding the obstacles they encounter from you or from me

The wildlife are enjoying their freedom at bay
In hopes that no predators will stand in their way
The butterflies are dancing their way through the air
As the warm gentle breeze blows softly through our hair


The stars are brightly shining on the serene summer night …
While the campfires are crackling with the moon oh So…Bright 

Summer is a season to cherish its fantastic! Its divine
Creating a world without summer simply wasn’t God’s design.