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The Light of our house ‘ALWAYS’ on….:)

“The Light of our house always on” because Jesus Christ our Lord lives in there!
Even as we go to sleep He sits beside and watches over us because He never slumbers or sleeps.
He watches over each of His children….
Where He abides, His love abides…
Good Night,

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Shine through the dark…

Good morning!
No matter how dark, grim, diffficult, confusing, the situation around is we can choose to be strong, rejoice and be glad.
Let us shine on this day, our very presence in this dark world can make a difference not because of who we are but because of Who we belong to!
May Jesus Christ our Lord shine through us!
Have a blessed day,
Psalm 93:1,”The Lord reigns, He is clothed with majesty, He has girded Himself with strength

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Bear each other’s burdens….

Sometimes when we are surrounded by problems and walking thro’ the storm, we fail to see the cares, the pains the trials and testings people around us are in.
Or may be everything is going well and right with us and for us that we fail to see that there are people around us struggling.
Here God asks us to bear each others burdens.
The least we can do for others is pray and speak few words of encouragement.
May we always do that….!..
In Christ,


Be silent..wait His time you will receive what He has prepared for you!


There is nothing good about us apart from the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 
Anything good that we are or hope to be or anything we hope to receive is only through Him. 
Let us wait on Him and for Him to meet our needs and give us the desires of our hearts according to Hi will! 
His timings are perfect.
Be blessed,

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God made you special…Have a special year 2014!

God’s hand formed you when you were in your mother’s womb…
God is never going to make anyone else exactly like you, so know that you are unique and one of a kind and you are able to do something that no one else can.
Have a blessed Year!

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May we…

“May” the Lord meet each of us at the point of our need.
“May” we stand up to testify of His wonders!
“May” we find favor in His eyes.
“May” we see the impossible be made possible.
“May” we be candidates of uncommon testimonies.
“May” what we waited for a long time, be miraculously delivered to us in the name of Jesus.
“May” the anointing of God upon our life give us favour in the eyes of God and man all the days of our life.
“May” The Lord arise in any difficult situation that we may face and consume it with His Holy Ghost Fire,in the name of Jesus!
“May” each of us experience a miracle this day!
Exodus 16:7
“In the morning you will see the Glory of the Lord.”
“May” we bask in His presence this day and Glorify God with our praise and worship. 
“May” the Lord use us for His Glory this day and always.
Be blessed this day..