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Watch out for the little pebbles and foxes

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Greetings in the precious Name of Jesus Christ our Savior.
We may have heard, read a lot about Jesus Christ that He is The Way, Truth, Life. We may even sing about Him, talk about Him  but do we personally know Him as our Lord and Savior and does  He know us as His own is what finally matters. If anyone does not enjoy this personal relationship with God please get to know Jesus. I don’t want to hear Him say on that great day, “I do not know you”.
Let’s not get used to living a compromising, lukewarm life, tasteless Christian life.
God’s Word says in Matthew 25:12 But he answered and said, assuredly, I say to you, I do not know you.”  
It’s not what we do for Him or how well we know His Word that will really matter on that final day, but our walk with Jesus, knowing Him and doing His will that really will matter.
The Pharisees knew the law well, seen Jesus do miracles, heard Him preach but could not understand who He was.
Luke 11:52 “Woe to you lawyers! For you have taken away thekey of knowledge. You did not enter in yourselves, and thosewho were entering in you hindered.”  
It’s time to get rid of those little things that can cause us stumble. Small pebbles can cause a strong man to stumble. Little foxes can destroy a fruitful vineyard. A small distraction when driving can cost ones life. Little things like small lies, little compromise, vain imaginations, a careless prayer life, a peep into things left behind when we decided to follow Jesus, can destroy our walk with our Savior. Let us be careful to not allow these ‘little things’ to take us away from God. Let us be alert and shun evil.
God has great plans for us and expects us to live an uncompromising life. Let us not allow little sins (a sin is a sin in God’s eyes) to cause us stumble and wander away from God!
How can we commune with Him if we keep little secrets from Him? He knows about ALL we do, say and think. Let us be willing to let go, confess of little things that displease God and enjoy our walk with our Lord.
Song of Solomon 2:15 “Catch for us the foxes, the little foxesthat ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.”  
Let’s enjoy a knowing relationship with our Savior. When our personal prayer life, quiet times with God, family prayer times are not a priority, things in our personal lives, home, work, attitudes are in a mess. There is strife instead of love, confusion instead of peace, fault finding instead of understanding.
Time to get our priorities right starting with going an extra mile to build a strong relationship with God, reading Him Word and getting our attitudes right.
May the “Fruit of the Spirit” be made complete in us. May His Word cleanse us first, may our prayers change us first. When we pray against corruption, we stop giving bribes. When we pray for revival in our nation God will ignite that spark to be on fire for Him and this passion will spread.
So let’s rise up and be all that our Lord wants us to be. Let’s fall in love with our Savior and His Word all over again.
Psalm 119:11 “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”
Let’s strive to know Him better every day. Let’s not waste our time on vain pleasures. Time to let go of things the Lord’s been prompting us to let go and move on with Jesus.
May be it’s a habit, an attitude, a relationship, a harmless activity that’s taking too much of our time, a television programme or a computer game.
May be we are reading too much of news paper but no time to read His Word.
Have some friendships taken too much of our time texting them and talking to them that we find no time to talk to God?
Anything that comes between us and God is an Idol.
Ezekiel 20:7 And I said to them, “Each of you, get rid of the vile images you have set your eyes on, and do not defile yourselves with the idols of Egypt. I am the LORD your God.”
Let’s remove all idols and drive away the little foxes from our lives.
Let’s not loose out on entering our promised land by complaining, murmuring, grumbling. The Israelites not only roamed in the desert for 40 years, one generation failed to see the promised land.`

Author: julia4jesus

A wife, mother, Home maker.... I am about My Heavenly Fathers Business...

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