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~PREDATORS~ (Posted by Sunny)

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~PREDATORS~ (Posted by Sunny)
We all get repulsed at the thought of someone who touches or has sex with a child …perverts we call them…be real you know it’s true. There are many different sorts of predators out in the world, and many that exist right here on cyberland. There are men and women who come on here pretending to be something they are not, who play on the weaknesses of each other, the emotional shortages that we lack in our lives. Does the fact that its all done without physical contact make it any less perverted than the sick people who prey on the weak out in the real world? I think not and are the ones who find themselves falling victim to these sick individuals in the same category?
There are many people who suffer from emotional unhealthiness, from lonliness, from pains of this world that make them emotionally crippled.
 Is a person that takes advantage of anothers weakness, be it physical or emotional, an animal of a whole other sort simply because its only words? 
We speak often of the power of our words. How they can bring down or lift up, do we truly understand what that means? Be careful on here…there are so many people who come in the name of Christ who can without a conscience, do things unimaginable just because they have nothing better to do than be a sick individual.
Can you imagine how they must laugh behind the backs of those who fall prey to them? God does see these people, the Bible says that God will pay with tribulation those who hurt His children. They may not see their retribution in this lifetime, but they will in the next.
I’m sickened by these people, they are no more better than the sick individuals who lure children in for sex by earning their trust. They are no less sick than the gawkers of pornography or the soliciters of prostitutes, in fact thats what they are, cyber prostitutes, having their way with people simply because thats how they get their kicks. 
Prostituting themselves out…… 
Well remember this…God sees all…
 He knows your heart and if in your heart you can justifiy what you are doing,
He sees that too. We all make mistakes, we all do things that are wrong, we are all guilty…but you make up for your mistakes, you make changes, you let God do what He has to do inside you. But you people who are predators, you people out there that play on the emotions of others, in the name of what… are murderers of a different sort.
You murder the spirit of an individual, you kill what they believe about faith and trust.
About love. You offer things that you have no intention of giving,… are of the devil. Play while you can……your time is coming…you will stand before Almighty God and you will answer the question He asks of you…how you gonna answer to that one?
Father I pray those who have fallen victim to the malicious and deceptive ways of the they come in sheeps clothing, offering kindness and more…giving and taking, leaving in the wake a slew of shattered hearts and grime….
Vengence is mine saith the Lord….
(Posted by: SunnySpirit)



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