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Scripture Reading –
 Psalm 2:1-8 “Ask of me and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.”
( Psalm 2:8)

That is My truth to you. All you need to do in order to be mighty in the nations, is to “ask Me.”
But first you need a vision and a desire for the nations. Many of My children are very self-centered. They have no burden nor concern, nor love, nor interest in the nations. They live their lives around themselves and their immediate families.

But if you will be My true follower, you will see your neighbor through My eyes, and you will take pleasure in learning to know your generation, even though it is of another color or creed .
I love the nations. I put the bounds around them.

All the nations come from their forefather Noah (Genesis 10:32). And so, because Noah is your forefather also, you are related to all the nations. Abraham, who is your spiritual father, is the father of many nations (Genesis 17:4,5). So you are related also to many nations by the Spirit.
This is the day when no nations are afar off. Any one can be reached in a few hours. Every nation affects another nation. Something happening in the most remote nation will affect many lives in many nations in a few hours. Even small nations can shake kingdoms, e.g., Israel, Lebanon, Guyana, Nicaragua, Cuba, Vietnam, etc.

Lift up your eyes upon the nations. The treasures of Heaven are the beautiful people of the nations. I want to bring them in before the dreadful day of the outpouring of My wrath. Some of these small nations will cease to exist after the judgment of My wrath, as recorded in the Book of Revelation. So go to them now. Pray for them now. Ask Me to give you the treasures of the nations.

They can be your possessions – if you so desire.

The nations are as the colors of the rainbow. Claim them as your own. Be adorn ed by the gemstones of the nations. You can have all that your heart desires: the mountains of Switzerland, the canals of Holland, thee Great Wall of China, the deserts of the Sahara, the alabaster cities of America, the paddy-fields of Taiwan, the oil wells of Arabia, the sheep folds of New Zealand, the coal mines of Wales, the castles of England, the fashion houses of France, the gemstones of India, the cattle ranches of Argentine and the gold of South Africa.

It’s all yours! Ask of Me, and I will give you the utter most parts of the earth for your possessions, and you will truly have a reason to praise Me.

(Day by Day A Daily Praise Offering, Gwen.R.

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A wife, mother, Home maker.... I am about My Heavenly Fathers Business...

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